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  • Image Location The Corrosion Toolbox
    The Corrosion Toolbox contains several tools useful for evaluating environmental severity and compiling environmental data, including the ICCET, that were developed as part of the ESC study.
  • Image Location 2017 DoD Corrosion Conference
    The 2017 DoD Corrosion Conference will be held in Birmingham, AL, August 7-10. For more information, click read more below.
  • Image Location Whole Building Design Guide Corrosion Prevention and Control Source
    The DoD provides information and guidance for planners, designers, constructors, and maintainers for assistance in planning, identifying, repairing, or eliminating corrosion during the facilities' life cycle with the objective of reducing overall ...
  • Image Location Call For Abstracts
    The call for abstracts for the 2017 Department of Defense - Allied Nations Technical Corrosion Conference is now open. Please submit your abstract no later than Nov 20, 2016. For more information, click read more below.
  • Image Location CorrSimulator
    CorrSim, or CorrSimulator, is a turn-based game that allows users to build their own facility, such as an oil refinery, and then understand environmental factors that cause corrosion to structures on these facilities. To play, click read more below.
NACE and SSPC Publish New Industry Standard on CPC Planning 2/21/2017 4:47:34 PM
A small government and industry task force recently developed a useful tool that will help program managers identify and establish CPC planning requirements for their systems, as well as strategies to help contractors fulfill those requirements. The joint task group—comprising experts from the DoD Corrosion Office, NACE International, and SSPC: The Society for Protective Coatings—has published a groundbreaking standard dedicated to navigating the myriad elements and requirements of CPC planning. “The new CPC Planning standard offers a more practical and reliable method to influence DoD’s acquisition and sustainment programs, and it will benefit all stakeholders,” said Rich Hays, Corrosion Office Deputy Director. The standard is available for download and purchase on the NACE and SSPC Web sites.
The DoD Corrosion Prevention Integrated Product Team welcomes corrosion-oriented submissions from participants at the 2017 DoD-Allied Nations Technical Corrosion Conference, slated for Aug. 7-10 in Birmingham, AL.

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